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Miami Holistic Detox Place


​We specialize in Holistic Healing and Detoxing.  Colonics (Colon cleansing or Colon Hydro-Therapy), Enemas, Ion Foot Bath and Biomagnetism are therapies focus in detoxify the physical body.  We also incorporate  Energy Healing Therapy  through Reiki, Pranic Healing, Access Bars and Chakra Balancing to detoxify and balance the spirit and mind.

We also incorporate Quantum Bio- Resonance therapy, we found it is an amazing tool to analyze, balance and support the body healing process physical and energetically.

Colonics4You is a small and private place and only take care clients by appointment, all the therapies are customized according to your necessities.  If you are looking for exclusive and peaceful place,Colonics4You  is your Detox Place
. ​

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Are you sick, Tired, Fatigued, Constipated, Bloated, or suffer  from Headaches, IBS, Muscle Pain, PMS,  Lack of Memory, Poor Energy, Low Immune System,  Chronic Yeast, Candida, Arthritis, Over Weight or Skin Problems..... ? 


Why Detoxify your Body ?

These days almost everything that we eat, breathe or absorb through the skin is toxic. Each day air becomes more polluted by industrial fumes and automobiles. Our food is processed and contained in big amounts of toxic and poisonous substances like pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives etc. Even our personal care products and make up are overloaded with chemical ingredients.  

Unfortunately our bodies are not made to deal with these toxic substances, and since they don't know how to process them, they unnaturally store them in places of our body such as our colon, liver, pancreas and even our muscles among a variety of other places.

Do not  think, just, because you eat organic you are saved from toxic substances, the worldwide problem that we are dealing with at this time is in our water. Even if your food is organic, the water source they use to grow you food in is not total safe.

So, the best option that you can do to prevent diseases and enjoy a healthy life is Detoxing.

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