The body has many ways of regulating itself to keep us healthy, but with the ever increasing presence of stresses, such a pollutants, toxins and emotional pressure, our bodies are under fire like never before, many of the illnesses we suffer arise not from a single germ or stressor but, from a combination of factors would overpower the body’s natural self healing mechanism. 

Since quantum physics reveal every substance living or not emits electromagnetic waves, bio physicists have been cataloguing these frequency signatures in vast databases, just us, body cells have their own frequency signatures so to do Pathogens and harmful substances so when our bodies come under attack these pathogenic frequencies interrupt the bodies communication systems, result in an illness, fatigue, poor performance and other symptoms. 

By finding and matching pathogenic frequencies in a client, our system identifies the individual pathogens that may be causing the symptoms, using our Bio-Resonance system and through a painless and noninvasive diagnostic procedures  a therapist identifies the resonant stressor  of frequency patterns.

During the therapy the client relax in a recliner chair and wear a headset with a beamer. during the first part of the therapy the beamer reads the bodies frequency patterns an send it in to the software machine, our software separate out healthy and unhealthy frequencies pathogens patterns. After that scan  we will have a report with all the information required to process to the second part of the therapy.
During the second part the therapist sets the system to strengthen the healthy frequencies and reverse or invert the unhealthy waves. 

The therapeutic wave patterns are related to the body via an electromagnetic modulation patient lies frequency inversion e similarly invert in the pathogenic frequencies cancels out the harmful ways reducing the stress on the client’s body a typical therapy session may take between 50 and 80 minutes the number of sessions need it will vary between clients although many reports significant changes after just one session we have thousands of case studies reporting major improvement in symptoms, the less stressors the more balance and self healing increase

Enter Quantum Biofeedback Therapy to the rescue. Quantum Biofeedback therapy is a procedure that promotes healing of the body and mind by mildly and non-invasively re-balancing the electromagnetic energy (Bio-resonance) levels to the normal state.  

By restoring and harmonizing the natural Bio-resonance frequencies, Quantum Biofeedback Therapy allows the body to heal naturally without any adverse effects.  Quantum biofeedback is a safe and non-invasive therapy which when
combined with proper nutrition, behavioral modification, and healthy lifestyle changes can bring a pronounced and long lasting relief to patients suffering from long-term effects of stress.

​Bioresonance Therapy

It is non-invasive
It can analized and provide therapy in early stages even before a disease has manifested itself.
It does not introduce any chemicals/bio-chemicals or harsh drugs with side effects.
It has no side effects of its own
It is used conveniently in your home or practice
It is highly effective when used as an adjunct to your naturopathic and nutritional treatment


(50 min.)